02 June 2010

i feel like i have so much to say, and yet, what i want to say is all about being empty. not the bad kind empty, like you're hungry and lonely. but the kind of emptiness where you are stripped of everything that makes you comfortable, stripped away of your expectations and left with a massively beautiful void.

when you are finally stripped of all your facades, expectations and sapped of all emotion, all that can be left is utter peace. there's nothing left to mull over and consider. it's very spacey, or at least it is for me.

this happened to me for the first time today, ever. i was aware of the energy around me with a newfound keenness that i truly enjoyed. i wish that the emptiness could have been found without its precursor, but it was found nonetheless.

today, i will just be grateful for that.

have you ever felt happily empty?

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~Dad. said...

Just "being" is indeed a beautiful state...where "nothing" is, of all things, "everything".